Affiliate Conferences until the end of 2015 ... Affiliate Conferences until the end of 2015

Affiliate Conferences until the end of 2015

Only 3 conferences left until we say farewell to Year 2015!


If you have been recently wondering about the conferences all Affiliates must attend, we can give you a brief look into those 3 left in 2015.


1. Russian Affiliate Congress & Expo 2015 (RACE) in Moscow, Russia, it will take place from October 8 to October 9. It is a good opportunity to meet affiliate programs owners and partners, advertisers and representatives of advertising platforms, participants of online marketing and experts in the field of e-commerce. More info here.


2. Berlin Affiliate Conference 2015 (BAC) in Berlin, Germany, it will take place from October 22 to October 25. BAC is the best place to meet new affiliates, develop relationships with best performing affiliates, discover which affiliate managers can offer you the best deals and see what your competitors are doing. More info here.


3. Online Gaming Masterclass that will be at October 22 in Berlin, Germany. It is a partner with  EiG - Excellence in iGaming  tradeshow. For the first time in EIG history, attendees will have the opportunity to attend a sample day of the Online Gaming Masterclass course, run by CEO of Nexus Gaming,   Igor Samardziski. To know more, visit here.

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